l attended my first class with Steph yesterday. She is brilliant at her job and very understanding about the cancer us guys are all going through.I can thoroughly recommend her classes, she is a real professional.   



It would be hard to imagine a better organised exercise class for men living with prostate cancer.  The range of exercises catered well to our specific needs and it is reassuring that our instructor, Stephanie, is sympathetic to our limitations.  Stephanie deserves all of the praise she will, no doubt receive from forming Stepping Stones Health and Wellbeing. 



Can I thank you so very much for our first exercise class following the Covid lockdown.  It was thoroughly enjoyable as usual with just the right amount of effort required by those taking part with you ensuring everybody was comfortable.  I felt entirely safe and secure with the measures you took to ensure social distancing.  Well done!



I was diagnosed in 2018 and joined Stephine's Parkinson's gym class to keep me motivated and improve my quality of life with Parkinson's.  Stephanie's knowledge of the disease is excellent combined with her professionalism makes each session enjoyable to attend, thank you Stephanie. 



Steph is a great instructor who motivates as well as understands the needs of her clients. My husband has Parkinson’s and Steph understands the type of exercise needed and tailors the exercises to suit his needs. His mobility has increased since working with Steph. Would recommend the classes to anyone!



I have been a member of the NWHPSG for over 12 months.  Stephanie has continued to run zoom classes for the group on a weekly basis.  She has organised the sessions using many innovative ideas to address the limitations of exercising from home.  The sessions are very enjoyable and Stephanie is very supportive and constantly checks on the well-being of the group.  I strongly recommend you to participate in one of her classes.  I find the classes are well thought out to include the important muscle groups in a balanced way with different options for ones individual ability.  Clear explanation and varied exercises make the classes fun and valuable for anyone who prefers to avoid high impact.  Well done Stephanie, good exercise for wellbeing.



I have recently joined the My Pace Fitness Class and find that Stephanie is a brilliant instructor.  She understands my joint limitations and is always careful to ensure that there are variations to any exercises that might cause me problems. I have been very aware that I need to do some low impact exercises to help with my rheumatoid arthritis and to strengthen muscles in order to protect tendons and ligaments around my joints. Stephanie's class has proved to be just the right level for me and I am looking forward to continuing with the classes.



I have been doing the My Pace exercises class for the last three weeks,  on a Wednesday at 1pm. The classes are very well balanced which is good for me as I have knee, hip and back issues, there are alternatives to the exercises which Stephanie points out. A very good exercise class.



I attended my first My Pace exercise class recently not knowing what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised! 

I was very impressed with the professionalism of Stephanie. She knew her clients health conditions very well and ensured that every exercise could be achieved at every level. All exercises were explained in detail and where the benefits would be felt. Music is good too!



I spent 7 years trying to find an exercise class that catered for women who had undergone breast cancer surgery following my first diagnosis in 2013. The initial physio that you do post surgery just isn’t enough and as someone who had always been relatively fit before surgery I wanted to try and build up the strength and fitness I had before.

I attended numerous classes following surgery but the instructors do not know how to ensure you don’t overdo it and many times cannot give advice on alternative exercises that would be more suitable when part of a general class. As I am quite competitive I have held a plank longer than others in a class which is not a good idea when both LD muscles have been cut but the instructors didn’t consider that.

When I saw Stephanie was introducing classes to cater exactly for this, I was relieved. Following completion of relevant medical forms so she has a good understanding of what you have been through I was ready to start the classes as well as looking forward to meeting others like me.

COVID 19 then hit last year and my first lesson was over zoom. I have to admit I much prefer face to face classes and I wasn’t overly excited about it at first but I gave the class a go and soon realised I still got the same benefit of the face to face classes that I hoped for.

We have had some classes back in the hall which I still prefer but have had to go back to online until restrictions are lifted again. 

The best thing I did was taking that first step online and a year later I feel so much better for it. With guidance, the stretch that I can get in the arm I have had lymph nodes removed from is so much greater. I can’t thank Stephanie enough for keeping me motivated and helping me get my fitness levels back on track.

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