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Exercise for Parkinson's

Updated: May 12

Parkinson’s Fitness Class


At first thought, Parkinson’s Disease is something that you would imagine limiting your ability to exercise. Now, you may have some trouble with a traditional fitness setting, the open gym or a group fitness class. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from exercise or fitness. You just need something that is going to take into account your unique needs.

Exercise for Parkinson's

It’s also beneficial to surround yourself with others who know and understand what you’re going through. This can be something tough to face alone, and community can be life changing.

That’s where a class specifically designed for Parkinson’s Disease comes in. This is a class that includes other individuals who have the same medical condition. While each person may have their own unique situation, everyone has something in common here. It creates a fun, engaging, and supportive space for everyone involved.

The class is designed to help you get exercise, which we know benefits everyone physically and mentally. It can also go a long way for helping you to retrain the body.

What to Expect

Exercise for Parkinson's

So, what can you expect stepping into one of these classes? First off, you’ll notice the extremely friendly environment. No one is here to judge or whisper about you in the corner. Everyone understands and you’ll fit right in.

During classes you’ll be working on Parkinson’s specific exercises. This will not only benefit your condition but allow you to navigate any hurdles that you would normally come across. Each class is going to allow you to pace yourself for your unique needs. We all perform the class together, but everyone could be doing something specific to themselves as well. This allows for group participation, and individual progression to go on at the same time.

The pace is designed to fit you, so if you need to go a little slower or maybe even faster, then you can. You have the freedom to go at whatever speed you need to. We will also be helping you to adjust some movements for your needs. Maybe a certain position or weight bothers you, we can change that to be tailored to you. You will never be made to do something that is causing pain or massive discomfort. The goal is progress, not pain.


Parkinson’s can really do a number on your facial muscles, grip strength, and balance. This has the potential to reduce some aspects of life if not addressed. In this class, we are going to be directly working on just those things. So, you’ll see exercises that are going to be working on and improving the face, hands, feet, coordination, balance, etc. All of it is specifically made for Parkinson’s.

Not only that, but the exercises are also meant to be gentle on the body so that you can still perform everything without injury. You’ll see strength increases without feeling like someone just beat you up!

This is also designed to benefit anyone of any age. So, there are no limitations here and you can see changes no matter what.

How to Access

Stepping Stones Health & Well-being

At Stepping Stones Health & well-being I offer a couple of options.

These classes are most fun in person. However, you can also access them via a ZOOM call as well. I do this to improve the accessibility of the care you deserve.

I look forward to meeting you.



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