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Exercise for prostate cancer

Updated: May 12


Not all fitness classes are created equal. Especially if you are one who has been through a process of healing after or during a medical condition.

Over the course of this process, you can lose muscle mass, strength, and balance. It really does take a toll on you mentally and physically. You will definitely feel sort of beat up, which is fair because it’s not easy. You see this in men who have or have had prostate cancer. It’s a terrible disease that can really wreak some havoc on the body. So, what can you do to start feeling yourself again?

One way that you can start getting your footing back underneath you, would be to start exercising again. Now, this may seem like a daunting task. You haven’t been in a gym for a while and you’re not sure that you can keep up in any sort of class. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. You just need something that’s tailored for your needs. Which is exactly what you will get in my specialty class at Stepping Stones Health & Well-Being for prostate cancer.

What to Expect

As with many other group settings, you start to build a community. What’s great about this class is that you’re surrounded by many other men who’ve gone through the same things as you. They understand what you’ve felt. This makes for such a supportive space that can really get you through anything.

As you participate in this class, it won’t be like a general-purpose event. No, in this class you’re going to be focusing on the things that you specially need for prostate cancer recovery. You’ll be exposed to a mix of resistance and cardiovascular work. This is all centred around exercises that really hit the core and pelvic floor. All of this will translate directly to the areas affected by your cancer.

What’s even better about this class is that there aren’t any limitations based on age or fitness levels. We’re all working on our own playing fields. We will adapt the pace, instruction, and movements of the class to fit your energy levels, recovery plans, and side effects that you may need to work around.


The benefits for this class are going to be numerous. As you recover and participate in this class, you’re going to notice a massive upswing in your strength and energy. You’ll feel more vibrant and capable of doing things. No longer will you have that feeling of needing assistance at all times. We want you to start getting back to a place of being ready and able to take on the tasks in your day. You can’t control what happened, but you can control the things you do going forward.

You’ll notice that your muscle mass is beginning to come back each and every week. You’ll have a stronger core that’s able to support all of the things you do as well.

In the end, your quality of life is going to improve and that’s the biggest benefit of them all.

How to Access

At Stepping Stones Health & Well-Being I offer a couple of options for class attendance.

These classes are most fun in person. However, you can also access them via a ZOOM call as well. I do this to improve the accessibility of the care you deserve.

I hope to see you soon.

Stepping Stones Health & Well-being


Stepping Stones Health & Well-being


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