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Have you been advised to become more active due to your medical condition?

Updated: Apr 27


Are you looking for something to improve your health that is gentle and relaxed? Have you been prescribed by your general practitioner or social prescriber to be more active? Maybe you just want to ease into fitness with something light? If this is you, then you’re in the right place! The My Pace Fitness Class is designed to provide you with these solutions. We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel, we’re simply providing you with a solution that is gentle, relaxed, and allows for adaptations for all your needs.

You’ve stepped into a gym before and been intimidated by all of the intense things going on. Weights being dropped, people yelling, and the person half passed out. We get it, you don’t want that. You want something that is going to make you feel better, but in a more casual and relaxing way.

You just want to work on improving things such as blood pressure, depression, anxiety, stress, diabetes, osteoarthritis, or even weight loss. In this class you can accomplish just that without all of the intimidation.

What to Expect

Exercise class for GP referral

In the My Pace Fitness class, you’ll be with other individuals who are looking for the exact same things. This creates a friendly environment that harbours safety and comfort. You’ll make some great friends and probably have some great laughs, all the while, getting into shape.

When in the class, you get to do just as the name entails, go at your own pace. What’s even better is that we adjust everything to fit your specific needs. So, if you have any referral recommendations, recovery plans, limitations, or specific goals, we can accommodate that.

Being able to take things at your own pace will ease you into the goals that you have. We aren’t here to scream at you or make you go faster. We want you to enjoy the process of getting into shape. This is something that you should enjoy, and we’ve created a space for you to do just that.

Plus, you’ll get to make some awesome new friends who are like-minded with you on the fitness approach you prefer!


Exercise class for medical conditions

As far as the benefits go, you will 100% notice changes in your overall strength, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and even your mental health! Fitness really does change multiple aspects of your life, and we see it in here all of the time. Our exercises are designed to move you along without injury, which is going to allow you to do this for a longer time. The longer you stick with it, the more benefit you’ll see over time.

Less stress, less weight, better health, and better mental clarity are all things our class will provide you with. You just show up and move at your own pace!

How to Access

At Stepping Stones Health & Well-Being we offer a few options for class attendance!

These classes are most fun in person! However, you can also access them via a ZOOM call as well. We do this to improve the accessibility of the care you deserve.

If you have a suggestion on times, please feel free to reach out and offer your thoughts!

We hope to see you soon!

Stepping Stones Health & Well-being

Stepping Stones Health & Well-being.


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