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All of the classes are taught as a hybrid both physically in a studio within the Basingstoke area and also live online via Zoom at the same time.  As such, the classes are perfect for anyone who can’t attend in person due to their location as you can still participate but from the comfort of your own home.  So no matter where in the country or world you live, you are very much welcome to attend. 

These classes are so much more than simply learning exercises.  They are about creating a healthier, fitter, stronger lifestyle and making firm and life long friendships with other like-minded individuals.  The classes are taught by myself in a friendly, relaxed and upbeat environment.  All ages and abilities are very much welcome and the exercises can be adapted to suit all energy levels, recovery plans and any side effects to treatment you maybe experiencing.  I have many years experience teaching each specific group and fully understand the unique requirements needed to achieve the best and most appropriate results for each class.  Please feel free to take a look at the ABOUT PAGE for a bit more of an insight into my background and attributes. 


My Pace Fitness Class

Wednesday 1:00pm - 1:45pm

£5 per class

This class has been created for anyone who has been referred or recommended by a GP or social prescriber to become more active.  It is also great for anyone who feels they would benefit form a very gentle and relaxed exercise class to ease themselves in to a healthier and fitter lifestyle.  Whether you are recovering from a medical condition such as osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, stress, diabetes or weight loss, to name but a few, this class is perfect as you can literally go at your own pace. 
As a fully qualified GP exercise referral specialist, I have many years experience teaching exercise to clients with a vast array of medical conditions and I also have a sound understanding of prescribed medication and how it may effect you and your recovery plans.
This is a very gentle and relaxed class that can be adapted to accommodate your own specific referral recommendations, recovery plans or goals. It will get you moving in a comfortable and safe way which will help improve your overall strength, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and also improve your mental well-being as well.

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Prostate Cancer Exercise Classes

Monday  11:30am - 12:30pm  

Thursday  10:00am - 11:00am

£5 per class

An enjoyable and relaxed class designed to help improve strength, fitness and energy levels specifically for men who have had to deal with prostate cancer.  A mix of resistance, cardiovascular, core and pelvic floor exercises.  These classes are great for all ages and ability levels as each exercise can be adapted to suit your energy levels, recovery plans and any side effects to treatment you are experiencing.  Exercise and make new friendships with other like-minded men.

Breast Cancer Exercise Classes

Monday 1:00pm - 2:00pm

£5 per class

Come and exercise with like-minded ladies in a very friendly and relaxed group environment.  The classes are designed specifically for anyone who is dealing with breast cancer and will help improve your strength, fitness and energy levels.  Exercises are gentle and low impact, with the focus mainly on legs and core strengthening exercises with some range of movement exercises for the upper body as well.  This class is for all ages and abilities and the exercises can be adapted to suit your energy levels, recovery plans and any side effects to treatment you are experiencing.

Women with a Cause

Seated Based Exercise Classes

Thursday 1:00pm - 1:45pm

£5 per class

A class designed to help improve strength, mobility and balance for all ages, genders and abilities. These classes are perfect for anyone with limited mobility or movement as most of the exercises can be done while seated from the comfort of your own chair.  The class consists of some very gentle aerobic exercise to get the muscles warmed up, followed by some strength work using a combination of resistance band work and body weight exercises.  The class finishes off with some movement balance work which is done in the standing position but can be adapted with the aid of a chair if required, this is followed by some light stretching to improve flexibility.

Parkinson’s Exercise Classes

Wednesday 11:00am - 11:45am

£5 per class

These classes are taught in a relaxed and friendly environment which is designed at helping improve posture, stability, balance and strength for people who live with Parkinson’s disease.  The Parkinson’s specific based exercises will include working on facial muscles, hand and grip strength, balance and dual movement tasks.  The exercises are gentle and can be adapted to suit all abilities and ages.  Why not exercise whilst having fun with other like-minded individuals and build new friendships along the way.

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All classes from the comfort of your own home via zoom during lockdown!

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