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Affordable rehabilitation exercise and specialty fitness classes for all ages and abilities. The specialist classes are tailored to provide exercise for anyone with: limited mobility, Arthritis, High blood pressure, Osteoporosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Breast cancer, Prostate cancer, and many other medical conditions.

Improve your holistic health through body and mind rehabilitation with Stepping Stones Health & Well-being bespoke exercise classes, where I believe that exercise is an essential part of a person’s rehabilitation journey. I offer face to face group classes within Basingstoke Hampshire, as well as classes via Zoom.




The Classes


Breast Cancer Exercise Class

Enhance your strength and energy levels while getting support from like-minded ladies who aim to beat Breast Cancer. These exercise classes are low impact yet target the leg and core muscles to improve your fitness and recovery.


Prostate Cancer Exercise Class

Men dealing with Prostate Cancer can experience a relaxing yet strengthening rehabilitation program that is tailored to suit your energy levels, physical limitations, and recovery plans. It combines resistance, cardio, and pelvic floor exercises.


Parkinson’s Exercise Class

The rehabilitation exercise classes for Parkinson’s clients are gentle and suitable for all ages. They help improve one’s strength, mobility, stability, posture, and overall coordination. Facial muscles and grip strength are also targeted through bespoke exercises.


My Pace Fitness Exercise Class

Improve overall strength and flexibility in a relaxed and supportive environment that adapts to your recovery plans and specific rehabilitation needs. Whether you suffer with Arthritis, High blood pressure, Osteoporosis, Depression, or GP-referred individuals and those recovering from medical or psychological conditions will benefit from this customised class.  



Your Stepping Stone to Health and Wellness


Enrich your quality of life and use Stepping Stones Health & Well-being as your stepping stone towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. Book your free class now and experience how just one session can help you walk on the road to recovery.

Join the classes locally within Basingstoke, Hampshire or via Zoom.



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